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Artwork courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington.

Creative invitations

Here are some of the many ways you could this visual meditation as a warm-up activity for your own writing or art journal.

For art play …

  • Look at the picture for 30 seconds
  • Close your eyes and gently notice any colours that come to mind.
  • Are there any particular body sensations are you aware of?
  • Without looking back at the picture yet, choose some colours of your own.
  • For at least 3 minutes, make marks on the page, letting anything flow out.

For word play …

  • Let your eye wander over the picture for 45 seconds, being aware of your breath and heart rate.
  • Which part of your body you’re aware of?
  • Zoom in on one part of the woman or the child (eg: back of knee). List at least 10 different ways that part of their body might be feeling. (Eg: aching, scratchy, relaxed, buzzing)

For memoir …

  • Let your eye wander over the picture and feel your body respond.
  • Invite any memories that might arise from the sensations you’re noticing now in your body. For example: warmth or buzzing.
  • Do you remember a time in the sunshine with an adult or a child? To help your reader, try to describe the sensations you experienced inside and outside your body.
  • Draw a quick sketch to warm up.
  • Write for 5 minutes without stopping (even if it’s repeating the same word).
  • When you’ve finished writing, don’t delete anything! Underline any sentences or words you like, then make a note to come back to it in a week.


Thanks for taking time to look and listen. I hope you’ll find it brings more joyful curiousity and compassion to your day … in surprising ways!

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