When you zoom in closer to the man’s hand, what do you see? And where does your eye linger after it’s scanned this artwork?

To hear a visual meditation as you look at this artwork click on ‘listen in browser‘ (below).

I love reading your comments – hearing any memories, feelings or insights this brings up for you, or seeing links to your work in response.

At the same time, I want you to feel completely free to simply look and listen and enjoy – because I reckon any time spent cultivating your compassion and creativity is a gift to our world.

If you’re responding to the WordPress daily prompt of Specific, you might enjoy exploring how a specific detail in this artwork can be interpretted in so many different ways. For example, looking at the woman’s crossed arms, what feelings and needs might you guess the woman is experiencing? Feeling chilly and longing for comfort? Defensive and longing to renew connection?

Art work is Edward Hopper, ‘Cape Cod Evening’, courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington.