In today’s visual meditation, you’re invited to notice something that’s repeating within or around you. Perhaps an object (eg: 12 leaves) … perhaps a sound (eg: 12 cars passing or 12 chirps from a bird) … or perhaps a body experience (eg: 12 breaths or blinks of your eye).

What will you find? Are any two objects or experiences ever truly the same?

I hope it’s fun for you to discover what emerges in your awareness … and maybe what flows out onto a page in words, colours, patterns or imagery.

Tip: to see the whole artwork during this meditation, click “listen in browser” (below) and scroll up to see the full picture (above).

Artwork is by Joseph Decker, ’12 Plums’, courtesy Yale University Art Gallery.

I enjoy seeing your responses. It’s an extra boost of encouragement and connection.

If you enjoy commenting, here are a couple of questions you might like to reflect on:

  • Is there any particular word or image that comes to mind for you in response to this meditation?
  • Are there any particular feelings* or needs# that you become aware of when looking at the artwork?

To reply, scroll down or click on the comment bubble. Please feel very free welcome to share your own writing or imagery too.

Whatever you choose, thanks for taking the time today to grow the peace and joy in our world through nurturing your own creativity and compassionate curiousity.



“Feelings” = I define these as emotions (eg: sad, happy) or body sensations (eg: tense, numb, buzzing)

“Needs” = I understand these to be the universal qualities that enable us to thrive in life – eg: comfort, food, joy, care, to be seen, to matter, choice, adventure, fun …. etc