So, you wake up and a housemate is in some kind of mood. They’re silent. Their brow is furrowed. Their chin is down.

Maybe this housemate of yours is a child. Or your partner. Or maybe this housemate in a heavy mood is you.

How easy is it to be with yourself, in all your moods?

In this meditation, hopefully you’ll feel free to be completely and authentically you. Go gently, and I reckon you’ll enjoy a fresh flow of creativity and relief that can be unleashed by touching into emotions that we subconsciously resist.

What mood do you imagine the artist might have been documenting in this ‘self portrait’?

As you’ll hear, this artwork had been on my ‘maybe’ list for a potential visual meditation. I told myself it wasn’t ‘positive enough’ for a meditation. Then I woke up … feeling bleak, brow thick with a grey hessian cloth, lungs brown and heavy. I remembered Pema Chodron, Marshall Rosenberg, Raphael Cushnir and many other teachers on natural awareness and finding clarity. Hmmmm. Juicy. Maybe exploring those hidden moods can help others experience self-acceptance and even creativity.

So I offer this meditation as a twist on this week’s WordPress challenge. Moods are by nature ephemeral – they often pass undocumented, although it can seem they are such a fixed state at the time. And your body sensations and thoughts are utterly analogue: raw, unplugged, not digitised or edited or airbrushed.

What courage it takes to observe your feelings – or to grab a pen or paintbrush and attempt to transcribe that mood into words or patterns or colour.

My tip? Approach the page with acceptance – transforming the inner demand to ‘feel better’ into the compassionate freedom to ‘simply’ feel what it is to be you in this moment. Want to give it a whirl?

Artwork is ‘self portrait’ by Henri Fantin-Latour, courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington.