Sitting around on our last day of camping, my sister picked up one of my oil pastels and a picture out of my visual meditations art journal.

This is what she made over an hour or so:

My sister’s first foray into oil pastels
‘Oh wow, this feels so great,’ she marvelled. I got such a buzz out of sharing the experience of the colours and textures and layering.

She asked me where I’d encountered oil pastels. I think it was Connie Solera’s Dirty Footprints studio blogs.

Which led us to chat about Malini Parker who another of my sisters recommended and I was lucky enough to get to Malini’s workshop in Melbourne. Where I encountered her use of masking tape.

Zing! Brainwave. Let’s play with masking tape and oil pastels. Which I did – still loosely inspired by the fir trees and house in ‘Cape Cod Evening’.


I guess I’m marvelling at the melding of inspiration – sisters, bloggers, textures, famous artists.

And I’m savouring needs met around contribution, creativity, shared reality, companionship …

What I love most is introducing my  sis to enjoying the experience and just add more layers if she’s not happy with the first. She’s now just announced ‘I’m getting an idea!’. And ‘they just feel so lovely on your fingers’.

She’s now down on the shade cloth, having masking taped her page and is shading away and ‘hmmming’.

Her hubby is googling oil pastels. I hope they get a set.

Now she’s drawing her lizard over the top of the layer. I love seeing her absorbed. So relaxing to be here in ‘parallel play’.

I’m so glad that my longing to ‘be more creative someday‘ … became today. And has connected me with my sisters in new ways.

Who inspired your rediscovery of the pleasure of creativity?