I’m so happy to be sharing this one with you! It’s taken four days since the votes came in (thank you!) to be able to find a quiet enough space to record.

In this visual meditation, there’s an invitation to re-define what you or others may call your “shadow side”. I think we hear so many labels in our society – expressions like “lazy” or “bossy” or “overthinker” or “blunt”. Why not give ourselves the gift of lovingly listening to those attributes – and finding their positive intentions?

I hope you’ll grab some paper and pencils or pastels  … and enjoy a gentle, open-hearted and open-minded exploration.


It turned out to be a sweet window of time. I had exactly 15 minutes to try to get the recording done. I headed down to the bushland in the far corner of my sister’s beautiful backyard in the Blue Mountains. But there was a dog barking. I decided to get as far away from it as I could and just record it anyway. The dog seemed to quieten. A bird started chirping gently. I pressed record.

Then, just after I finished recording – guess what? A loud chainsaw started up a few yards across. How’s that for serendipity! After all the interuptions of the previous attempts at recording … this ten minutes went by quietly.

The initial idea I’d had for the meditation changed shape as this recording went along. I reckon this is like one of those times when you’ve typed something out and your computer crashes or you lose the paper.

At the time, you think you’ll “never get it back” and you’ve lost great work. In fact, there’s just something else waiting to emerge from that pre-work.

I do like the sense that no effort is ever wasted – we might be frustrated, disappointed, despairing … but I reckon from all actions we take, all attempts we make to meet needs, we grow and new things emerge.  How do you feel about that possibility?

Artwork is: Dennis Miller Bunker, ‘Roadside Cottage’, Courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington