Here’s the second meditation from our poll earlier this week. This artwork by Dorothea Adelheid Dreir has offered something new everytime I look at it.

Would you like to see what emerges for you through a visual meditation on this artwork? Tip:  to see the full artwork as you listen, click on “listen in browser”.

Image is courtesy of Yale University Art Gallery.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some prompts you might enjoy exploring in your own journal or blog:

  • Body awareness. Do you feel your eye change in any way as you look at the artwork -widen, narrow, seem heavier, lighter? Where does your eye rest first … and then for a longer time?
  • Human curiousity. Looking at the people in the foreground, what activities do you guess they are doing? Going to church? Walking past the church on an errand or stroll? Bringing home a newspaper? Taking out an easel to paint?
  • Connecting with others. What human needs do you guess might be “up” for them? Transcendence? Contemplation? Mourning? Companionship? Mattering? Appreciation of beauty? Space? Air? Exercise?
  • Connecting with yourself. Which parts of this image express some aspect of life that’s significant to you right now?
  • Observation practice. Are you surprised to learn it’s the city of New York? What details do you see that led you to guess it was – or wasn’t – New York? Do you notice any emotions or body sensations as you notice each of those details
  • Creative inspiration. What are your “grounding places” around your local streets or home? A cafe? A certain park or plant or even a pet? What are the colours, smells and textures you associate with that place?

Go gently and playfully … I hope you find it enriching.