This is the third artwork that received votes in our recent poll.

Temperature and pattern are two visual elements that really sing to me in this work.

Looking at the bright white shirt and fully covered bodies, do you get an immediate sense of the heat of the fire and sun?

And what do you notice about the recurring pattern of the brush strokes that compose most of this image?

Would you enjoy seeing what insights and creativity emerge through a visual meditation on this artwork?

Tip: click on “listen in browser” (below) so you can still see the whole artwork (above).


Image credit: Georges Seurat, Haymakers at Montfermeil, Courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington

Here are some creative prompt ideas:

  • For a Daily post: Respond to the WordPress Daily Prompt – “Successful” – in combination with meditating on this artwork. For example: What does it mean to be successful creatively? What might successful mean for the women in this artwork?
  • To play with words and/or imagery: create a journal page that uses a repeated “Criss-cross” pattern.
  • Curiousity: invite a memory or vision about working “shoulder to shoulder” with someone else towards a shared purpose. Explore feelings and questions that arise, for example: How do you feel remembering it now – satisfied, regretful, amazed, some of the above? What kept you going? How did you negotiate rest, start, stop times etc?
  • Photography: share a photo of two or more beings (human, plant, animal etc) working side by side on a task.

I also love hearing your immediate responses to the artwork, if you enjoy replying. After looking at this artwork for a few minutes, close your eyes. Invite your memory to recall something about the picture. What is it?

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