Have you ever felt pressure to “keep things simple” … or “stop over-thinking this” … or “don’t be so hard on yourself”.

Is it really effective to push unwanted thoughts and words away? Do you find they pop up again pretty soon – and it’s exhausting to resist them? In fact, the more we try to ignore, they often seem to get louder.

What if instead, you get curious about the beautiful life-enriching needs that those words are trying to offer you.

In this visual meditation, we playfully interpret the women in this image as different parts of our “internal committee” … let’s see what emerges for you!



Artwork is ‘Women on the Beach at Berck’, Eugene Boudin, Courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington

I want to acknowledge Martha Lasley’s framing of this “inner committee” concept. I’ve found it such a helpful way to get calmer and clearer — accepting and deeply listening to the wisdom and love of diverse points-of-view within me. Turns out, they’re not in conflict at all when I can see the human needs they’re looking to serve. It’s also a beautiful technique to offer a friend – instead of giving them advice, see if you can together discover the beautiful qualities of life that their “inner critic” or dilemma is working through. If you’d like to explore that further, here‘s a summary in Martha’s words. If you’re a subscriber to the NVC Academy library, there are past recordings of her course.

If you’re responding to the WordPress prompt – simple – you might find this meditation helps you discover a unique angle from a part of you that you haven’t heard or seen too lovingly for a while.