What have you found that inspires you to get up and out into life? Walking with a friend? Coffee? Walking alone? Morning pages? Art journalling? A job you love? Quiet meditation? Vigorous exercise? Training towards a goal?

Mornings are not my naturally joyful state. I often feel anxious and uneasy when I first stir. An upside has been the inspiration to get up and find what uplifts me.


Why we might choose to wake early is different for everyone. My hubby for example was never “a morning person”. He still says he isn’t. Yet there are things he’s learned to bounce out of bed for: training for a triathalon, being on time for team mates in his  cycling club, racing internationally (out in the garage on Zwift that is), taking one of our kids to early morning sport practice …

I reckon when you find what lights you up … it gets you up, even when your body’s insisting you won’t possibly feel any better. (Honestly, it’s like that movie 50 First Dates for me every morning. It’s like my cells have forgotten what I learned about feeling great … which makes the zing miraculous everytime I get those shoes on and walk out the door).

So, I’m rapt to bring you this meditation which I recorded “on the road” on this morning’s walk.

You’ll hear birds and bikes and passing chat, because this episode is ‘en plain air’ — just like the artist when he first created this painting so quickly. Apparenty Sisley’s quick, “on the fly” creation of final works was contraversial for its time.

Tip: click on “listen in browser” so you can scroll up to see the whole artwork while you hear the meditation.

The Road from Versailles to Saint-German’, Alfred Sisley, courtesy Getty Open Images program.

Why do you wake early?

Would you like to get outside and create something too?

Want to share your joy?

What has inspired you to wake early … some mornings at least?

Have you created a joyful morning habit that now seems almost automatic for you?

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