I had a rare calling to sort a cupboard this morning. When I did, look what emerged: a new visual meditation.

As I folded and bagged, this artwork by Van Gogh came to mind. It’s also scoring quite a few votes in our new poll (‘which Art do you smell? ).

I hope this visual meditation inspires you to play with words and imagery  … and maybe even a happier encounter with housework …?

Artwork: ‘Flower beds in Holland’, Vincent Van Gogh, courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington

You might like to use this visual meditation as a doorway to your response to the WordPress one word prompt: scent. Imagine the different smells of the flowers and soil as you walked amongst these beds. Are there memories wafting in? Perhaps past encounters with petals or gardens … or even unease about ‘enforced’ order?

How comfortably do you feel that these two qualities of creativity and order coexist in your life? What’s made that easier? What makes it challenging? Have domestic tasks like laundry or washing up ever sparked creative ideas for you?