Are they being opened … or shut?

Is that a mirror on the wall? What might be revealed … or concealed?

The bed, smooth and made, who slept there … and how long ago? Is the woman settling in for the night … or having her first glimpse of a new day?

Today’s visual meditation has been inspired by comments from bloggers when this artwork was first featured in our poll.

For Joey, this image “evokes the smell of old wood, dust and new rain – when as a child I was only tall enough to get my nose over the window sills.”  What memories arise for you, of peering on tip-toe to the world outside?

For Thoughts of an Introvert, curtains prompted the anticipation of food and home. “Whenever my family draws the curtains, that means its breakfast time …”. What do drawn curtains mean for you? Would you like to explore or expand that meaning through playing with words and imagery in your own journal?

If you enjoy responding to the WordPress prompts, try this meditation for exploring the words: resist and yellow. In what way can “drawing the curtain” be a symbol of resistance. How might resistance help keep us calm and free from overwhelm? How might opening an “inner curtain” help us? How does your body react to the shade of yellow in these curtains? What if they were another colour?

Artwork is ‘The Yellow Curtain’, courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington.