Here’s a quick art-inspired prompt for self-awareness, relaxation and creativity.

When you glance at the three artworks below, which one do you notice your body responding to most strongly?

These artworks and questions might help you respond to the WordPress daily post theme: recognise.

Someone you know or knew?

  • What is it about this portrait which reminds you of them?
  • What’s one thing you remember this person saying or doing?
  • What’s one way that this memory still touches you today?

Click here for a visual meditation: Being With You
Artwork is ‘self portrait’ by Henri Fantin-Latour, courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington.

A place you visited or lived?

  • What’s one thing you remember seeing or hearing in this place?
  • What sensations do you remember experiencing in your toes, elbows, scalp, fingertips lungs … or any other part of your body?
  • What does the memory help you to appreciate in your life right now?

Click here for a visual meditation: Salt, Sand and Your Senses
Image courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington – ‘Beach Scene at Trouville’, Eugene Boudin.

Something you tasted

  • Where were you when you tasted this?
  • Did you enjoy it?
  • What’s one thing you could do in the next five minutes to savour or express a taste you enjoy?

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Artwork is by Joseph Decker, ’12 Plums’, courtesy Yale University Art Gallery.

Staying connected

Visual meditations can be a relaxing and creative way to build your “mindfulness muscle”, connect with inspiration and cultivate your compassion.

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