I’m feeling inspired to play with the next few WordPress daily prompts by creating a sensory meditation “card”.

Here’s the first one, to help your creative juices get flowing on the WordPress prompt: lovingly.

I find using all the senses is a great way to discover joy and perspective in the present moment. Once I’ve connected with what I’m feeling on my skin, smelling, hearing and then observing sensations in my body… some kind of creativity and insight seems to unfold.

If you enjoy art-journalling, photography, writing … or simply letting your mind relax and doodle on a napkin, here’s how you might enjoy using this card.

1. Notice your next two breaths – just as they are.
2. Notice one thing around you through each of your five senses: one thing you can hear, one thing you can smell, one thing you can feel on your skin, one thing you can see, one thing you can taste.
3. Look at the artwork then write, draw or share a photograph of something. The card suggests a colour, scent and sound you might want to express.

There’s also a visual meditation you might enjoy listening to you as you relax and play with words and imagery.

The art is courtesy of The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles – ‘An Old Woman with Cat’, Max Liebermann.

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