Noticing your body’s split-second reactions to criticism can be a rich opportunity to find deeper confidence.

Here’s a visual meditation to accompany this sensory card for the WordPress prompt: criticize.

Artwork is ‘self portrait’ by Henri Fantin-Latour, courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington.

Insight and inspiration through our senses

Observing the detail of our body’s responses to what we see and hear can give us access to a rich source of energy, wisdom and unique creativity.

Visual meditation is a relaxing way to consciously grow the skill of awareness and observation, focussing on the details within a frame and seeing what arises for you in this moment.

1. Compassion: Gently notice sensations in your own body’s initial and changing reactions to the work as you observe different details.

2. Curiousity: Wonder about what’s being seen, heard, smelled and felt in the art.

3. Creativity: Spend a few minutes writing, drawing or photographing to express anything that comes up for you in exploring this work.

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