Feeling tense? Conflicted? Some regret? Chances are, parts of you are longing to be more fully heard. 

Today, you’re invited to listen deeply to different points of view that might seem to wrestle within you. Are they really your “shadow side” – to be banished or corrected? Or are they also sources of love and insight, calling to be fully appreciated and understood?

What happens when you get curious … and find loving intentions in what each of your “inner voices” is wanting for you?

Here’s a visual meditation to explore as you write or draw or photograph  …

Artwork is Eugene Boudin, ‘Women on the beach at Berck’, courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington. 

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How to play

Each day this week, I’m publishing a “sensory” card to accompany the WordPress prompt of the day. You’re invited to explore and share your unique response to an artwork. Here’s how:

1. Compassion: Gently notice sensations in your own body’s initial and changing reactions to the work as you observe different details.

2. Curiousity: Wonder about what’s being seen, heard, smelled and felt in the art.

3. Creativity: Spend a few minutes writing, drawing or photographing to express anything that comes up for you in exploring this work.

I’d love to read your reflections in the comments below, and feel free to link to your own blog post on a related theme.

Staying connected

Visual meditations can be a relaxing and creative way to build your “mindfulness muscle”, connect with inspiration and cultivate your compassion.

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Would you like to share something you’ve observed in the artwork? I’m enjoying hearing the different aspects people find in each image. Click “comment” to reply — and free to link to a relevant work of your own.