Here’s a new coloring page for relaxation, art journaling or to warm you up for writing.

To open, save or print this free art template – click hereygj-color-page-color-your-corner-of-the-city

Free download

Each of the coloring pages is free to download. Just click on the link above and it will open as a PDF which you can print straight away and also save for later use.

Guided meditation

The original artwork is ‘New York: Little Church Around The Corner’ by Dorothea Adelheid Dreir, courtesy Yale University Art Gallery. Here’s a visual meditation on this artwork:


Inspiration about how to use this template

Here are some ways you might have fun using this template for thriving on relaxation, compassion and insight:

  • mindfulness coloring – listen to the meditation as you color
  • art journal template – listen to the meditation and then create a visual response
  • to warm-up for your WordPress daily post – this one would work well with aware (when you walk or sit in a favourite part of the city, what colors do you become very alert to? How would you show these in writing or artwork – inspired by the way the artist has used the shade of purples so strongly in this piece).
  • creative circle, seeing how different people re-create/personalise the work
  • doodle page to warm-up to write
  • keep the sheet beside your keyboard and take a coloring pause every 40 minutes or so (to refresh your brain and widen your access to new insights during work that requires a lot of “thinking” or “words”)
  • take the art on a photography walk to find and share sights that express your response to this scene
  • brainstorm for a blog post, poem or upcoming presentation by writing words and questions around the image
  • color the page in different tones from the original
  • create a new image by drawing lines and patterns between the marks on this template
  • listen to the meditation while you have your breakfast or on a walk, then color in the image later in the day … a fun way to discover what your subconscious might have been exploring since you first saw the image.

Looking for more?

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Your ideas?

What other ways can you suggest for using this template? I’d love to hear your comments.