In your early years of life, when you were silent, what did you hear from people around you?

Perhaps you were praised for being seen and not heard – called “Good girl” or “good boy”.

Or perhaps you were labelled: “sulky”,”pouting”, “petulant”,”unfocussed”,  “sullen”… or something else?

Today, you’re invited to appreciate the unique perspective and innate wisdom that you bought into life.

Artwork is by Mary Cassat, ‘Child in a straw hat’, courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington

P.S. If you’re looking for inspiration for the WordPress prompt slur, here’s an activity that you might like to try. 

  1. Invite yourself to hear your own experience with complete compassion, free of blame for yourself or others. 
  2. This activity will almost certainly bring up tears and even anger, so ask yourself whether this is something you’re willing to do right now. 
  3. Gently invite yourself think about how words you heard about you as a child impacted you. 
  4. You will probably notice thoughts that blame yourself or others. Be gentle with yourself for the presence of those thoughts. Can you see them as your body’s beautiful attempts to protect and empower you? Observe the energy in your body, noticing if it is stronger in one part of your body or another. Observe it until it changes. 
  5. Try to gently bring your focus back to having deep compassion for the truth of your own experience. 
  6. What needs are alive in you now as you remember? Mourning, choice, understanding, trust, safety … anything else? 
  7. Invite yourself to spend a few minutes drawing out the energy or imagery you associate with those needs. Or describe that energy and imagery in sensory words (colour, sound, rhythms, texture).

What did you notice?