In today’s meditation, we’re invited to mourn needs that weren’t met in childhood and still impact us today.

Curious about how that can bring more peace and power to the present moment?

I’m quite sure all adults have wounds from early years when we depended on others to see, name and respect our needs … even when they weren’t met. I celebrate your resilience if you’re willing to be compassionately aware of that experience.

Sometimes, we avoid memories for fear of the emotions they’re connecting us to in this present moment. We might be afraid of getting stuck in powerlessness, blame or despair.

I find that naming the human need for acceptance of limitations helps me feel safe to acknoweldge present pain that I think might be heightened by my past experiences.

Accepting that I have pain about things beyond my control is – ironically – something that brings me a sense of peace and even empowerment. Have you found that too?

Artist is Eva Gonzales, ‘Nanny and Child’, courtesy of National Gallery of Art Washington.