Today, I’m asking myself to remember the deep relaxation that emerges when I realise that my presence is present enough.


When I bring compassionate curiousity, and deeply attune to whatever is coming from another’s heart, I experience such relief.

Firstly, I save myself the energy of having to think of the “right” thing to say to “make” them feel anything than what they do right now.

Secondly, I experience the wider awareness and creative energy of gently and silently guessing what they might be feeling and needing right now.

Finally, I experience the wonder and sacredness of witnessing another soul take a journey and I see the shifts and flows that occur without me saying anything at all.

Today, I want to experience more of the powerful peace of bringing compassionate curiousity to myself through being a quiet companion to others.

This is a challenge for me, as spoken and written words come easily and habitually. I’m looking forward to the discovery and growth. I’m sure I will speak out of pain and habit sometimes today. I trust myself to learn with gentleness. I want to notice my own breath and body – to wonder if speaking was satisfying for me … and trust that I can adapt.

How about you? Do words come easily?

Do you find it relaxing to bring a companionable presence to others? Is it a skill you’ve developed? Or something that is a gift of yours?

Here’s a meditation on companionship that you might enjoy exploring.

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Artwork is Edward Degas, “Horses in a Meadow”, courtesy National Gallery of Art Washington