I love travelling the same path, yet finding it is new everytime.

Our local suburb is blessed with pathways through trees. At dawn,  birds call and blossoms burst in endless colour. Even a tiny insect, busy with its secret mission, hurrying around a treetrunk, is a marvel of texture and tone and curiousity.

At dusk tiny marsupials scurry along branches and frogs burble.

Every moment is new.

I’m so grateful to the people who envisioned these paths and collaborated to bring them into the heart of suburbia. They throb with walkers, riders, runners and dozens of insects, plants and creatures. These paths run as rich veins of life between our homes.

Often, my breath is spontaneously held in the thrall of a particular flower against the sky, buds scattered bright along the ground, or a flock of parrots shrieking overhead. 

Then my lungs open wide and my chest bursts with simultaneously wanting to share this awe with someone else and yet the sense that words will never be sufficient. Still, for the joy of connection, we can try to express our body’s answering song.

That’s a visual meditation I recorded on one of these paths recently. I hope you’ll discover new inspiration to wander … and wonder … on the familiar yet unique paths in and around you. Your experience and the particular place may be uniquely yours – and yet, our body’s spontaneous responses tell us that our paths are shared too. Mysteriously, often marvellously, together in this state we call ‘Alive’ …
Prompt: The Road Taken