Artwork via Watercolor Painting A3 #106 — Niklas Granqvist

When you look at this artwork, what sensations do you notice in your ribs?

There’s no right or wrong answer, simply what is.

For many of us, the act of noticing what’s happpening in our bodies can stir a faint nervousness. Are we doing it ‘right’? What ‘should’ we feel? What if it’s numb or hard to put into words?

Can you welcome those questions or the uneasiness? Each moment, our body connects us to the many beautiful needs that help us thrive.  For example: safety, joy, peace, belonging, reassurance, clarity or ease.

Can you offer compassion to that nervousness?

It can be painful to notice that a need is not currently being met as fully as you would like?

Or it can be painful to notice that we are experiencing pleasant feelings – because we know they will pass, as all sensations do.

Can you release a long deep breath? And another?

What are some of the specific details you notice in the artwork? The hidden face of the woman? The distance between the baby bath and her toes?

What sensations do you notice in your ribs now? What human needs might you be connecting with? Perhaps: Safety? … Nurture? … Air? … Peace? … Connection? … To matter? Something else, beyond words?

Compassionate awareness through art

For the next 30 days, I intend to feature a reposted original artwork.

As you look at the artwork, you’re invited to gently notice the sensations in one particular part of your body.

It’s a playful way to practice compassionate curiousity about your body’s experience in this moment … and to value the life-enriching needs that connect us all.

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