Artist is ink & Paint, ‘Leisure Time

Blowing a bubble. How does your body respond?

Want to zero in? As gently as you can …  safe to have tender curiousity.
Texture: In this moment, along the top of your lip, what sensations do you notice? 

Colour: If you were to paint that area, what colour do you see? 

Rhythm: If you were to drum the rhythm of the sensations along your lip in this moment, what pattern would you hear? 

Tension: Out of ten, how tight or loose does that area above your lip feel? Where is it looser, where is it tighter?

Another long breath out?

Gentle curiousity. Compassion for any sensations you’re not enjoying. Savouring any sensations you are enjoying. No right, no wrong. Just what is.

Another long breath out?

Wherever you are right now, imagine if you blew a bubble? 

How willing do you feel? 

What needs would be met by blowing a bubble? Perhaps playfulness or freedom.

What needs are met by choosing not to blow a bubble? Choice? Belonging? Safety? Consideration of others?

Would you like to keep imagining blowing a bubble? 

What colour do you imagine that bubble would be? 

What might that bubble touch? The tip of your nose? Some nearby object or person? 

What scent might you notice?

Another long breath out.

What’s happening along the top of your lip now?

Another breath out? 

And, as a breath comes in, what changes along the top of your lip?

Would you like to pick up a pen or brush and let some colours and patterns flow out?

Thanks to WordPress for the daily prompt: nuance. It inspired this meditative exploration of the many different interpretations that bodies make in response to a single image.

And thanks to today’s feature artist – ‘Ink and Paint’: see more on their blog here