Here’s an invitation to explore an active and playful mindfulness experience. 

Today’s feature artwork is ‘Abstract – After Simon Hantaï‘, by the blogger Brothery Love

When I saw that the process for this work involved ‘crumpling’ the paper first, I felt an immediate thrill. I’m wondering what that excitement feels like in my body. It can be so hard to describe our physical existence in words. I’ll try. Something rumbles deep and purple below my belly, between my hip bones and then also up through my elbows and cheeks and earlobes. It feels very alive and joyful. I guess I’m connected to qualities like creativity, hope, adventure, self-expression.

Would you like to try this activity with any paper and pencils, paint or markers you have to hand?

Would you like to let out a deep breath? Can you notice the end of that breath?

Next? Would you like to wonder which sensations are most noticeable in your body in this moment?

As you breathe in, can you invite more gentleness for your present experience? Curiousity and acceptance?  

Can you acknoweldge that your body’s responses are wise and true? Can you thank your body for its drive to adapt, survive and thrive? Can you acknowledge and even honour its unique history?

Now, would you like to pick up a piece of paper? Would you like to crumple it into a ball? 

Letting out another deep breath, noticing the end point of that breath … before you inhale again. Another breath out, noticing its end point.

Can you zoom in on the sensations in your palm and fingertips? Do you notice any thoughts or images that come to mind? Can you expand your awareness to see your body’s sensations in response to those thoughts? 

Another breath out, noticing its end point.

How about now. What’s happening in your fingertips? 

Next, your palm? What sensations are below the skin, as well as outside the skin? 

What changes have you noticed in your palms and fingertips, even in that space of a minute or two?

Are you inspired by the possibility of adding colour or ink or pencil to this crumpled paper in your hand? Would you like to do that while the paper is still crumpled? Or while it’s open? 

You could even spray the paper and see how the colours move with the creases.

How free would you like to be to accept that there is no right or wrong way to do this? You might even crumple another ball – and try both. Or you might fold the paper in a fan … or triangles … so many possibilities. 

For now, would you like to stay with the crumpled ball beneath your fingertips? Would you like to add some colour and marks for a minute? What patterns will you find when you unfold it?

Wishing you a relaxed few minutes of gentle curiousity through playing with paper. Do you get a sense that what you see and accept in this compassionate, creative adventure … might bring greater relief and openness to the rest of your day?

What sensations do you notice in your palms and fingertips now?

With thanks to WordPress for the prompt: abstract.