Today’s visual meditation is ‘Badgers wood’ by Dominique F Cameron.

As you look at this artwork, what sensations do you first become aware of in your body?

Remember to inquire gently, trusting your body’s wisdom to know what is helpful for you.

As you inquire into your body, would you like to let out a long breath?  Can you notice the end of that breath?

Now, would you like to quietly say the word ‘murmuration’? 

What is your breath doing now? Where are your eyes resting or moving in the artwork? 

Now, would you like to follow your next breath to the tips of your ears? What sensations do you notice there? 

As you breathe out, can you hold your attention for a few seconds on the tips of your ears? 

What colours or patterns might you use to try to express some of the sensations you noticed in your ears?


  • Dominique F Cameron publishes new art and reflections regularly here
  • Murmuration is a WordPress prompt – available here

dominique cameron

20160708_104617 (2)

A field on the edge of Badgers Wood, summers evening, snipe, swallows, birdsong.

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