Today’s visual prompt is from the blog of Tom Gable (When Timber Makes One Still).

The invitation is to notice each of your toes. See if you are willing to let out a deep breath. 

At the end of that breath, gently wonder what one toe is feeling. Perhaps the little toe on your left foot. Repeat, as long as you are curious, for each toe. 

What external textures is each toe touching against? Timber floor? Carpet? Inside of a shoe or sock? 

What sensations do you notice if you imagine your bare toe on the damp leaves in this photo?

If you don’t have toes, would you like to turn your gentlest curiousity to another body part that is a long way from your brain – such as elbows or fingertips?

Finally, would you like to explore your response to the other pictures in today’s guest blog: Relics of the Northwoods — When Timber Makes One Still

Can you gently breathe out for each image? As you do, see if you can be increasingly curious and accepting about the changes that occur in your breath and heartbeat. 

Prompt: atop (Yeah, I know, leaves on the ground might not be considered a high vantage point. But I see prompts as purely a springboard into curiousity and conscious choice. Doing the opposite of what you’re asked, or taking a tangent may help you feel alive to our innate creativity, wisdom and freedom).