Today’s featured art for your visual meditation is ‘all things’ from the blogger FiveBlueMarks.

First, gently noticing your breath. 

How willing are you to let a long breath out?

And now, would you like to imagine the experience of this bird’s body of feathers?
Now, noticing your next breath.

As you breathe in, would you like to gently notice which part of your body is responding to the art? What sensations are in your toes? Your fingertips? Your nose? 

If you imagine the wings of this bird, where do you feel that in your body? Somewhere around your shoulders?

If you imagine the tail of the bird, where do you feel that in your body?

The beak?

Now, would you like to notice the next three breaths while your eyes move through the art.

Would you enjoy some relaxed, creative freedom? Would you like to set a timer for five minutes and draw or write? 

You might link this artwork to a word and try to see, with open hearted curiousity, what arises. Today’s prompt is controversy.