Which of these illustrations or words does your heart respond to? Would you like to sketch your own journey through the news of the past few months and where you’re at with it all in this moment?

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Love is Stronger

This was me after the 2016 election.


Also me.


It got really bad in late January and February.  I started doing things like this.


And this.


I turned into a churning stew of anxiety, anger, fear, and melancholy.


I wanted to do something. To change something. I wanted to help. To make things better. But all my worry and fear were not helping anyone—least of all me. So I unplugged from the news for a while. I started doing things like this. And this.


I attended a funeral of a beloved uncle who died much too soon but lived a beautiful life.  My Uncle Don was a middle school math teacher for over thirty years, and he dedicated his whole life to loving people and making them feel seen and empowered. Close to a thousand people attended his funeral. He touched so many lives.


My anxiety and fear began to…

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