For several weeks now, this artwork has been crossing my mind again and again.

I’d planned to record a new visual meditation episode for the podcast. Days passed, then weeks.

Then, what emerged was wanting to have greater integration in my ‘day job’ with what I’ve learned through three decades of increasingly conscious inner work … and hopefully many more to come!

I find inner safety and authenticity are difficult to sustain in workplaces … yet they hold the key to addressing some of the deepest and most preventable suffering in our homes, communities and world.

Does this article inspire you in any way to stay ‘alive’ in your workplace or other situations where it’s hard to ask questions aloud?

Would you also like to hear a visual meditation on this artwork? If there’s interest, I’m happy to record a new one.

Artwork courtesy of National Gallery of Art Washington, ‘Woman and Child in a courtyard’, Pieter de Hooch. 

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