When you’re down or overwhelmed, it can seem like there’s no point climbing out of the pain.

But do you really need to climb?

Would you like to try this short action instead: look up.

Lifting your chin, raising your eyes as high as feels comfortable … what shifts?

Looking up is not looking away.

You’re not abandoning your own sorrow. You’re not dismissing the precious unmet needs that hurt so much right now. 

Looking up, you’re taking one small step to offer yourself a little comfort.

What you see, what you find, will be uniquely yours. Through your eyes. Your own lungs expanding. 

Can you allow yourself this pleasure now, a little relief …? 

How does your body respond to this invitation to lift your chin and eyes, to look up? What do you notice of its sensations and thoughts in this moment. And now? Buzzing? Tension? Excitement? Resistance? Something else? What about now?

Look up, only if it feels okay for you. You’re in charge of what you do next. You’ll decide what helps you move towards meeting more of your needs.

Today’s artwork is courtesy of: https://edlehming.wordpress.com/2017/01/27/its-been-a-while/

Prompt: climbing