When you hear that question, does anyone come to mind?

Perhaps someone you long to connect with.

Or someone who you’re longing to know cares for you.

Or someone you know you could feel safe to answer in full honesty, sure you will enjoy acceptance in their presence.

Can you imagine that moment —  openhearted, warm, guilt-free, gentle and curious?

What is it like when you can be heard without fear of being judged or fixed?

What if you could hear another’s heart without pressure to fix or correct?

What does that memory or hope feel like in your lungs and belly? Across your shoulders?

How are you? Can you answer that aloud or on paper, for your own presence?

What is the answer you can give to yourself in this moment? Fully accepted, safe to be utterly as you are now. 

What are the sensations, the worries, the celebrations, the hopes, the wearinesses, the wonders …

May you, today, meet yourself with that openheartedness. And may you be blessed with another heart opening to you today, just for a moment, just as they are.

Prompt: acceptance