Your Guided Journal

Visual meditations for creativity & compassion


Hello! Thanks for pausing here. Are you wondering what visual meditation is … and why it can help?

I find these visual meditations are an active form of relaxation and mindful self awareness, which seems to nurture compassion and creativity.

You’ve probably seen plenty of evidence already about the benefits of self acceptance, mindfulness and creativity*. 

I’m especially inspired by discovering how practicing these qualities for ourselves also makes life better for our children because we bring greater capacity to see and hear their needs and deeply honour our own too.

I enjoy these visual meditations as a creative prompt for journaling and share a few snippets over at

You might enjoy taking rest with these meditations over a tea or coffee – a gift of sitting and observing your body’s response to the artwork.

If you’re a teacher or creative facilitator, these meditations can be great warm up exercises or meet-up activities.

Practice being aware of how your body responds and curiousity about others

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Enjoying creativity through sensory awareness and visual prompts

I love reading every comment – for learning, connection and community. Please feel very free to include a link to your own artwork or writing in response.

A relaxed way to appreciate needs that all humans share, to build trust and hope in finding peaceful solutions to life’s challenges 

Thanks again for taking the time to connect with your feelings and needs and grow your compassion through visual meditation.
Wishing you peace, fun and abundant self acceptance,


Naomi Byrnes

* For research about the benefits of self compassion and creativity – I found Brene Brown and Kristen Neff were two great starting points. There are also hours of interviews and videos from researchers and practitioners available free on Tami Simon’s SoundsTrue podcasts and the Self-Acceptance Project. 

For practical approaches, I’ve especially learned a lot from listening to Pema Chodron, reading Raphael Cushnir and learning nonviolent communication.