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I recommend this handy reference list of feelings and needs, from Dian Killian at Work Collaboratively. 

Image courtesy of The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles – ‘An Old Woman with Cat’, Max Liebermann.

To learn more about relating peacefully and effectively to yourself and others, here are my top 3 recommendations:

1. Learn for free from various trainers  

NVC Academy – free 30 day introductory programI’ve learned most about the mindset and skillset of nonviolent communication through various courses here. I find nonviolent communication to be a very practical way to learn and apply mindfulness, self-compassion and authentic communication. I have multimedia library subscription to NVC Academy. For less than the price of a coffee every week, I can hear real people working through situations from their home, relationships, work and communities. I’m reassured and relieved to learn we’re all human, and there are no easy answers … but plenty of new possibilities when we practice more and more compassion for ourselves and others.

2. For confidence communicating “on the street”, at home & at work

Dian Killian’s podcast – available on iTunes, or here on her blog

Dian shares the results of practicing NVC in a tough, fastpaced city like New York and the various corporations where she runs courses and coaching. I always get new inspiration and ideas from hearing her examples.

3. See & hear Marshall Rosenberg’s “magic” for yourself

Here’s one of many free videos on YouTube of NVC being taught by its founder, Dr Marshall Rosenberg

I laugh, I cry … and am increasingly confident that we thrive on giving and receiving from the heart. I believe compassion is our first language … and whenever we tap back into it, it’s our most powerful source of energy, creativity and loving relationships despite the highs and lows of life.  

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